How to Kill Armored Bokoblin

Mastering the Game: How to Kill Armored Bokoblin Effectively

In the game, fighting against an armored bokoblin can be a daunting task. These enemies have high defenses that make them hard to defeat. However, with the right strategies, techniques, and weapons, taking them down is possible. In this guide, I will share effective ways on how to kill armored bokoblin, provide tips for taking them down, and help you select the best weapons for the job.

Key Takeaways

  • Armored bokoblins require armor-piercing weapons to take them down effectively.
  • Their weak points are the back of their knees and their heads.
  • Use shields to counter their attacks and stun them.
  • Use bombs and elemental arrows to deal massive damage.
  • Be patient and observe their attacks to find openings.

Unlocking Armored Bokoblin Weak Points and Employing Effective Strategies

Defeating armored bokoblins can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can take them down with ease. In this section, we’ll explore the weak points of the armored bokoblin and discuss effective techniques for defeating them.

Weak Points Effective Techniques
Head One of the most vulnerable spots on an armored bokoblin is its head. A well-placed arrow or a swift blow to the head can stun or knock out the bokoblin, leaving it open for more attacks. However, aiming for the head can be difficult, so be sure to practice your aim and timing before engaging in battle.
Back Another weak point is the back of the bokoblin. A surprise attack from behind can deal a lot of damage and often knock off the bokoblin’s armor. Once the armor is removed, the bokoblin will be more vulnerable to attacks.
Feet Targeting the feet of the armored bokoblin can be an effective strategy. By shooting the feet with arrows or hitting them with a heavy weapon, you can knock the bokoblin off balance and leave it open for more attacks. This can be especially useful if you’re having trouble targeting the head or back.


Now that you know where to target the armored bokoblin, let’s discuss some effective techniques for defeating them.

  1. Armor-piercing methods: Armored bokoblins are tough opponents, but there are weapons and techniques that can pierce their armor. Weapons like the Great Thunderblade or the Great Flameblade deal elemental damage that can bypass the bokoblin’s armor. Additionally, bomb arrows and bomb barrels can deal significant damage to the bokoblin and its armor.
  2. Stunning attacks: As mentioned earlier, hitting the bokoblin’s head can stun it, leaving it open for more attacks. However, other attacks can also stun the bokoblin, such as shield bashes or heavy weapon attacks. Once the bokoblin is stunned, you can unleash a flurry of attacks without fear of retaliation.
  3. Hit-and-run tactics: Armored bokoblins can be relentless in their attacks, so sometimes it’s best to avoid engaging them head-on. Instead, you can use hit-and-run tactics to whittle down their health over time. Use long-range weapons like bows or thrown weapons to deal damage from a distance, then retreat before the bokoblin can get too close.

By combining these techniques with your knowledge of the bokoblin’s weak points, you’ll be well-equipped to take on and defeat armored bokoblins with ease.


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Remember the Tactics

It is important to remember the top tactics discussed in this guide, such as using stasis to freeze them, and throwing items like barrels or rocks at them to knock them off balance. By implementing these tactics, I can create openings in their defenses and strike them when they are vulnerable.

Additionally, I know now that the best approach for defeating these enemies is to be patient and observe their movements. I will study their behavior and learn how to anticipate their attacks and dodge them effectively.

The Final Word

With these tips and strategies in mind, I am confident that I can take on armored bokoblins in battle and emerge victorious. By targeting their weak points, making use of effective techniques, and choosing the right weapons for the job, the game will become much more enjoyable and satisfying.

So, next time I encounter an armored bokoblin, I will be ready to face them with confidence and take them down without hesitation.

After going through this guide, I am now better equipped to take on and defeat armored bokoblins with confidence. I have learned about their weak points and how to exploit them through effective techniques and armor-piercing methods.

To take down an armored bokoblin, I will make sure to use weapons that are effective against them, such as bombs or heavy weapons. I will aim for their exposed weak points, which are their heads and necks, and use my arrows to shoot them down from a distance.


How can I effectively kill an armored bokoblin?

To effectively kill an armored bokoblin, it’s important to target their weak points and use armor-piercing weapons. Aim for their exposed head or back, as these areas are more vulnerable. Additionally, using bombs or elemental arrows can yield effective results.

What are the best weapons to use against armored bokoblins?

The best weapons to use against armored bokoblins are those with high damage and armor-piercing capabilities. Two-handed swords, spears, and axes are great choices. Weapons with elemental effects, such as fire or electricity, can also be highly effective.

Are there any specific strategies I should employ when fighting armored bokoblins?

Yes, employing specific strategies can greatly increase your chances of defeating armored bokoblins. Some effective tactics include dodging their attacks and then counterattacking, using the environment to your advantage, and stunning them with well-placed shots or hits before delivering a finishing blow.

What should I do if I’m having trouble defeating armored bokoblins?

If you’re having trouble defeating armored bokoblins, consider upgrading your armor and weapons to increase your attack and defense capabilities. Additionally, practicing your combat skills, such as perfect dodges and parries, can greatly improve your chances of success.

Are there any rewards for defeating armored bokoblins?

Yes, defeating armored bokoblins often rewards you with valuable loot, such as weapons, shields, and materials. These rewards can be used to upgrade your equipment or traded for other useful items in the game.

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